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At Ikofa, we take the utmost care of our production to be able to offer our clients the best and to become their trusted supplier.

We pay great attention when selecting each of the ingredients that we use, purchasing local, fresh products that guarantee a good end result. One example of this is that the tomatoes, onions, peppers, cheeses and all the other products that we use are completely natural. We do not use ingredients that have been genetically modified or that contain transgenic organisms.

We offer the possibility of preparing specially made sauces to companies that need highly specific products, as well as being able to prepare products with their own brand.

We manufacture completely finished sauces, available at any time, to help you prepare or to accompany your dishes and to obtain a top-quality end result.



Gourmet Sauces

Frutos del Bosque Café París

Pedro Ximénez Salsa de Setas

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